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In 2018, it is estimated that termites will cause over $5,000,000,000 (Five Billion with a B) of damage across the United States. This is up from $500,000 back in 1989.  The termite population in Orlando Fl has exploded and become a serious problem.  Termites literally feed on wood.  As a result, termites can cause great structural damage to your home or business if immediate action is not taken.  Termites can be living in or near your home long before you discover them. State Certified Technicians at East West Pest Control can quickly discover if you have a termite infestation, eliminate entire colonies of termites and apply underground preventative treatments to protect your home and family in the future.  At East West Pest Control, we have been battling termites in the Orlando, Fl area for over 25 years.  We offer a free termite inspection with affordable and effective treatment services…THAT’S GUARANTEED.  Call Us Today for Your Free Termite Inspection.

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Termite Removal Orlando FL

Termite Removal Orlando FL

Termite Removal Orlando FL

What are The Most Common Types of Termites Found in Orlando Florida?


Eastern Subterranean Termites:   Subterranean termite colonies are usually located in soil where the workers build mud tubes to structural wood so they can feed.  Subterranean termites are always connected to the soil and close to a moisture source.  An average subterranean colony consists of 60,000 to 250,000 termites but colonies have been known to reach over a 1,000,000.


Formosan Termites: These are the most destructive termites that infest structures in Orlando Fl.  Formosan termites are subterranean termites which usually live in the ground, build mud tubes and construct carton nests.  Swarms of Formosan termites appear on warm and rainy days around dusk and continue into the evening.  The swarmer’s are attracted to light.


Dry Wood Termites: Dry Wood termites are non-subterranean which will swarm from spring to fall.  Dry Wood termites feed across the grain of wood, creating chambers, which are very clean and seem to be sanded smooth.  The first sign of Dry Wood termite infestations are swarmer’s or the accumulation of fecal pellets below holes in wood.


Termite Infestation and Damage May Be Hidden


It can be extremely difficult for the average homeowner to see clear signs of a termite infestation, which makes it easy to assume that there’s nothing to worry about. That is the top reason that termites can cause so much damage.  Homeowners wait until they see clear signs of termite damage or termite infestations.  This is TOO late.  By the time visible damage has been done, the cost of getting termites under control and the repairs to the damage caused by termites can be extremely expensive.  Our trained technicians at East West Pest Control can spot and identify if you have a termite infestation.


Signs of a Termite Infestation

You don’t wait to wait until you see clear signs of termites in your Orlando, Fl home or business.  By the time you notice a termite infestation, it will be too late and the damage will have already been done.  Formosan subterranean termites work at a rapid pace and are extremely destructive.  Reacting to signs of a termite infestation is critical to help keep the destruction caused by termites to a minimum as well as the expenses to fix and control the termites.  In order to help you determine if you might have a termite problem and need termite control, here are a few basic signs:


Signs of Subterranean Termites:

Termite Tubing: One of the most common signs of a subterranean termite infestation is the presence of earth-mound tubes on walls and foundations. The tubes can be about as thick as pencils and are very distinctive to a certified technician. Termite mud tubing can also be found on chimneys, support posts and on plumbing pipes.  Residue and caked mud cam also be present on walls and other parts of the home.


Termite Damage:  If you see sunken areas in your walls or behind wall paper, this is an indication you have a termite infestation.


Signs of Dry Wood Termites: 

 Termite Swarms: The most common sign of a dry wood termite infestation is twice-a-year swarms of flying termites.  Large swarms are indicative of a truly massive colony. If you see one in or near your home, the odds are good you have a termite infestation.


Fecal Pellets: Another common sign of a dry wood termite problem isn’t nearly as obvious. The presence of tiny fecal pellets. The pellets closely resemble sawdust because it is generally pushed out through wood known as a knock out hole. As a result, the wood nearby may have tiny kick-out holes.


Termite Damage: Finally, subtle damage to window sills and other wood structures in    the home can and usually is a sign your home or business structure has a dry wood termite infestation.


Do You See A Potential Sign You Have Termites?

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We Offer Customized Termite Control & Treatment Programs


Not all termite infestations are the same.  Neither are the kinds of termites.  Some termite infestations may be extremely large while others may just be starting.  At East West Pest Control we will customize a termite treatment plan and preventative maintenance program that is specific to your home or business.  And it’s FULLY GUARANTEED!!!!


Termite Control

East West Pest Control is proud to use America’s 1 termite defense: TERMIDOR!  Termidor is the MOST effective and the fastest way to completely eradicate and eliminate your termite problem.  Termidor has been proven to be 100% effective against subterranean termites even in the most difficult and challenging situations.  Our staff is trained and certified to apply Termidor.


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In 1995, after many years of experience with another company, our company’s founder, Dave Zack and Ray Almodovar, envisioned a way to improve pest control service. By combining their pest control expertise and keeping their overhead low, Dave & Ray found that they could offer higher-quality pest control at a price lower than that of competitors. For East West Pest Control to ensure the highest level of customer care, we have slowly expanded our service staff. In addition to our highly-trained staff, the company owners are easily accessible to solve any pest control problem that you may have!

Has this approach worked? Absolutely! East West Pest Control has been working with homeowners in the Orlando Florida area for over 25 years. By offering superb service and relying on word-of-mouth referrals, our company has experienced tremendous growth. And we boast high renewal percentages and referrals from satisfied customers all over Central Florida.

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